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Strada dei Colli, 17 05035 Narni (TR)
Tel 0744 750304 | E-mail info@fattoriacollinaincantata.com
Soc. Agricola Collerolletta Srl – Sede Legale Str. di Colleluna 7, 05100 Terni –

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Our History

Fattoria La Collina Incantata

The Farm is a passion, for people, for the land and for animals. A passion that we have been cultivating for three generations and that today we want to share with our guests, young and old.
We are located on the top of a hill, among the gentle hills of lower Umbria, with a privileged view of the medieval village of Narni and its fortress, on boundless fields, lush vineyards and calm lakes.

Our history

The history of the Farm is a recent history, made of growth and a lot of dedication. We transformed the old ruin, which for years has watched over these fields, into the beating heart of the Farm. This is where skilled hands prepare exquisite traditional dishes and this is where our guests can stay overnight during their stay. All around there is a whole host of experiences: greeting our cows; stroking the horses watching from the stable; a knowing look exchanged with the cats that bring life to this farm and a bit of chat with the busy farmer. A day at the farm takes you back to a life of yesteryear, where nature and animals set the daily rhythm and not the wild frenzy of modern life.

The Wine cellar

Behind us we have overcome many obstacles and in front of us there are many goals to reach, our cellar is one example. Arising from the need to enhance the hard work on our lands and our territory, the building that houses it guards the vineyards from the top of a hill, between these walls every year we try to close a circle of four seasons. Our red, white and rosé wines represent all our characteristics: decisive, complex but also joyful and tender.

Chardonnay, Merlot, a very young Pinot Noir and Ciliegiolo. In just over four hectares of land, we have alternated typical grapes of our territory and some choices dictated by the encounters and flavours that we have chased for a lifetime. Around us, in the more than fifty hectares of land on the farm, instead, we grow cereals intended for the production of feed for our animals. One of our main missions is to include in the production chain everything we can produce in our company, trying to have less and less impact on the delicate balances of the earth, also from an energy point of view. The farm, in fact, produces more than 50% of its energy requirements thanks to a photovoltaic system located on the roof of our barn. Animals, work, history, Umbria. If you have a ``Bucket list`` for your life, then you should check the box next to 'sleeping on a farm' by coming to see us. An opportunity to live among the sounds of the countryside, enjoy good food, taste good wine and visit enchanting places such as Narni, the Marmore waterfalls and all that this part of Umbria has to offer.

Rooms and Restaurant

The vocation of the farm

Fattoria Didattica Collina Incantata dall'alto

La Collina Incantata was created for young people, so that they can get closer to the countryside and ancient traditions, to let them know the satisfactions and sacrifices of rural life, to teach them respect for nature and seasonality, so that they can discover the genuine beauties of a vegetable garden and be amazed by the perfection of a seedling.

We accompany them with passion in the route through the Farm, on walks to discover all the animals that populate it and with educational workshops that allow them to get their hands involved in making pasta and preparing bread, biscuits and jams, starting from raw ingredients of farm production.


The Farm has 4 multiple rooms with private bathroom, where it can accommodate groups, schools and anyone interested in a rural life experience.


In the dining room and in a specially equipped meadow, tastings and picnics based on farm products and our territory are offered.