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Soc. Agricola Collerolletta Srl – Sede Legale Str. di Colleluna 7, 05100 Terni –

Cantina Giovannini


The wines of Giovannini Winery

In 2002, when we had just bought the farm, we inaugurated our first project, replacing the old vineyard, now unproductive, with new vines. We needed a witness of our growth, plants to be cared for, in which to search for our traditions and on which to focus our desire to experiment. Today we grow four varieties of vines: Ciliegiolo, Chardonnay, Merlot and Pinot Noir. In our cellar, inaugurated in 2016, we transform the year's efforts into flavours, aromas and colours. Our Ciliegiolo is the blood that flows through our veins, our rosé wines reproduce the breathtaking colours of the sunsets that we are privileged to witness from our hills, our whites preserve the light and spring flavours of the Farm.
Are you curious? Here are all the flavours of our wine cellar...

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