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Fattoria Collina Incantata

Strada dei Colli, 17 05035 Narni (TR)
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Soc. Agricola Collerolletta Srl – Sede Legale Str. di Colleluna 7, 05100 Terni –



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Bambini Fattoria Didattica Collina Incantata

Farm Visit

Free or guided, your choice. The Farm offers you the chance to discover our animals, life in the countryside, the work of farmers and the cycles of nature.


Farm summer camp

Farm summer camp
Play, make friends, discover, build. Every summer, the Farm opens its doors to its favourite customers: children. Every morning, from 8.30 am to 3.00 pm, we will welcome your children to get together and experience moments of carefree exploration, learning and lots of fun!

Attività Fattoria Didattica Collina Incantata
Attività Fattoria Didattica Collina Incantata

Farm Treasure Hunt

A great way to discover every corner of the farm. With clues to follow, puzzles to solve and finally a well-deserved reward.


Hands-on dough making on
the farm

A fragrant tart, a delicious pizza, a perfectly rustic tagliatella. A crucial dimension of the Farm is its flavours, a cuisine ready to reveal its tricks to everyone, old and young.

Vigna Fattoria Didattica Collina Incantata
Vigna Fattoria Didattica Collina Incantata

Scent of must on
the farm

Every year, our vines give us their fruits. While some grapes run quickly in the cellar to become wine, others we reserve for our visitors. A unique opportunity for an ancient experience: crushing the grapes with your feet in the vat.


Countryside and vegetable garden
on the farm

Direct experience of the cultivation of the educational garden. ``Gardens teach history, geography, chemistry; they teach patience, waiting, the sense of limitation, the possibility of failure; they teach the joy and responsibility of taking care of a living thing``.

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